12 For ’12

January 2, 2012

While this is first and foremost a home improvement blog, I do like to share some more personal bits with you on occasion, and I hope you’ll indulge me this once.

I’ve never been very successful with New Year’s Resolutions, so I took a cue from some other bloggers this year and made a list of 12 things I’d like to accomplish in 2012:

      1. Finalize our estate plan: I’m embarrassed to admit we do not have wills prepared, mostly because it’s too complex to do on our own with all the blended family complexities. I’ve got some reading to do, then I’m hoping we can find a lawyer versed in estate planning through my husband’s employer’s legal plan. Fun stuff, but it really, really needs to be done.
      2. Book our family trip to Europe: I visited France a few times in high school, but haven’t been out of the country since. So it’s a dream of mine to take the family to Europe. With some crazy (and no longer allowed) frequent flier credit card strategies, we have enough miles to cover the cost of our plane tickets if the trip is timed right, but have had trouble coming up with the rest of the money with all our competing priorities. Plus, every year I seem to procrastinate booking the tickets and end up not being able to find any available returning flights.  So while the London-Paris-Rome trip might not happen this year either, I plan to at least book the trip by the end of the year. Oh, and no, Calvin isn’t coming (sorry, Calvin).
      3. Sell the Jeep and buy a Volkswagen: We really need to sell my husband’s gas-hogging Jeep Wrangler now that he drives 25 miles to work and has three classes on campus this semester. The plan is to sell it this summer and buy more family-friendly and fuel-efficient Volkswagen Passat. I’ve wanted a Volkswagen for at least 12 years, but have a Mazda right now. So John’s going to take the Mazda and I’ll get my VW! Of course, it’s going to be pretty high-mileage since we’re trying not to spend too much more than we get from selling the Jeep.
      4. Take Blogging 2.0 in April: This is a no-brainer. I took the first course in the fall and am exciting a sequel is being offered this year.
      5. Create an online portfolio for freelance writing projects: The blog is a good step in the right direction, but I think I need a professional site as well.
      6. Apply for at least one freelance project: Yes, I know I’ll get rejected multiple times, but I need to start with once.
      7. Create a memory jar for my grandmother and John’s grandfather: This is where you and your family members write a bunch of memories or things you love about that person on individual slips of paper and put them in a jar as a gift to the recipient. We’ve already done ones for John’s parents and my grandfather.
      8. Take pictures of my grandmother’s quilting group and interview her for my blog: My grandmother is the original Martha Stewart and an amazing quilter. I’d love to take up her probably long-forgotten offer to visit her quilting group and hear them talk about how things were when they were children, and also take photos and interview her individually.
      9. Help John get scholarships for school: Now that he’s done with his first semester, there’s a major non-traditional student scholarship John would be a great fit for, and the application is due in March. And I’m sure there are probably others we need to look into.
      10. Read/Listen to two pre-planned books per month: I’ve made a list of 2-3 books I’d like to read each month, whether in book form or through my Audible subscription.
      11. Never leave a room empty-handed: Living in a split level, it’s easy for clutter to accumulate and never make it back to its proper place on one of our four levels. I’m trying to ‘move’ some of those things back with me whenever I go to a different room.
      12. Make progress in the following areas of my home: Dining room, entry/formal living room and back yard


I hope I’m not being too ambitious with these. Maybe I should also make a list of 12 things I won’t be doing in 2012!

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Lauren January 3, 2012 at 8:02 am

I love your 12 for 12! And I love the photo you included with your post. In August we bought a VW Tiguan and I lovelovelove it. We’d had VWs before and our Mini Cooper was on her last legs (sniff), and it’s really nice to be in a VW again. They hold their value so well, that even high mileage you’ll still be getting a great car.

So excited to hear about the writing too. Keep us posted on your progress, ‘kay?

We’re so lucky because my husband has scientific meetings that take us to Europe about every other year (so he’s paid for and the accommodations are always WAY better than what we could manage), BUT no good meeting this year. We’ve been mulling over trying to swing it on our own…

I’ll do BYW 2.0 too, and I LOVE the thought of never leaving a room empty handed. SO doing that. Happy New Year!


Nina January 4, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Great list! I haven’t made on yet but I’ll definitely see you in BYW 2.0.

Happy New Year!


Christina @ Homemade Ocean October 12, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Never leave a room empty-handed:

I love it! Can we say…2013 new year resolution!


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